Signing Day Approaching

Zoned Sports - News - Signing Day Approaching

Zoned Sports Academy, located in Bridgewater, NJ, is hosting its 9th annual Signing Day for all the graduating seniors heading into their freshman year of college year next fall. Signing day will be held March 2, 2023 at Zoned Sports Academy.

Signing Day at Zoned was created to give every student-athlete a chance to “sign.” Not everyone has an opportunity to sign a National Letter of Intent (NLI), and this is a great opportunity for all the student-athletes to get together to celebrate their accomplishments! Accompanied by their friends and family members, the staff at Zoned calls up each student-athlete individually. After taking a photo, each recipient signed a certificate of excellence and received their very own Signing Day framed Jersey to represent their high school and the college they will be attending.

Each year, thousands of new faces walk through the doors at Zoned with the hopes and aspirations of playing in college and making it to the big leagues. “It is our ultimate goal to see our kids play collegiately, and we take pride in seeing so many of our student-athletes enter the next chapter in their academic and athletic careers. Some of these kids have trained with us for over 10 years and we are so proud to see them move on,” said owner, Duke Baxter.

Each day, the staff members at Zoned embark on a new journey with young athletes in hopes of developing them both on and off the field. Their job is to help train them in baseball and softball, as well as helping them to find the right academic fit moving forward.

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