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Overview: Are you ready to elevate your pitching game and increase your velocity this winter? Join our exclusive Winter Velocity Class from November through February and unlock your full potential on the mound. This comprehensive program is designed to help you improve arm strength, refine mechanics, and maximize your throwing potential. Last year our classes gained over 250MPH collectively throughout the winter. Understanding how to take care of your body, build strength, and optimize your mechanics is essential to throwing the baseball harder and remaining healthy throughout the long 2024 season.

STARTS week of November 13th & runs for 16 weeks

Monday & Wednesday

Session 1 – 6-7PM
Session 2 – 7-8PM - FULL

Tuesday & Thursday

Session 1 – 6-7PM
Session 2 – 7-8PM

Why Choose Our Velocity Class?

  • Expert Coaching:Learn from experienced pitching coaches and physical performance coaches dedicated to your development.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology:Access to Rapsodo and Sensor Edge mound data analysis for data-driven improvement.
  • Personalized Workouts:Tailored weight room sessions to address your specific needs opposed to group sessions.
  • Limited Class Size:Small class sizes to ensure individualized attention. Each pitching class will have 3 pitching coaches with a maximum of 12 players and each weight room session will be limited to 8 kids.
  • Comprehensive Training:Covering arm care, mechanics, and strength-building to ensure we are building arm strength as well as helping eliminate injuries as we approach the 2024 season.
  • Flexible Scheduling:Customize your weight room session times to fit your schedule. First come first serve.


Class Structure:


November: Arm Care & Routine Development

  • Focus: In the initial month, we will concentrate on arm care and establishing pre/post-game routines. These essential exercises and routines will prepare you for the upcoming season, ensuring your arms are in peak condition.

December: Building Strength & Mechanics

  • Focus: December will be dedicated to creating a personalized throwing program aimed at building arm strength and refining your mechanics. You'll receive valuable feedback and participate in drills to optimize your throwing mechanics.

January & February: Data-Driven Progress

    • Focus: The second half of the class will involve practical application. You'll have the opportunity to throw flat grounds and bullpens once a week while receiving real-time data analysis using cutting-edge technology (Rapsodo and Sensor Edge). This data will help you and our coaches fine-tune your pitching strategy for optimal results. The second session during that week will focus on applying drills to improve on areas that need the most attention based on your previous bullpen.


Weight Room Sessions:

  • Duration: Two 1-hour sessions each week with our weight room coordinator from November through February (personalized program)
  • Scheduling: Players will have the flexibility to book their preferred time slots throughout the week through the app or by calling the front desk.
  • Focus: In addition to on-field training, each participant will benefit from two 1-hour sessions with our weight room coordinator per week. These sessions will be tailored to address individual needs, ensuring you build the necessary strength to complement your pitching abilities.

Registration Details:

  • Duration: November 13 through February 29
  • Ages: 13 & older
  • Location: Zoned Sports Academy
  • Cost: $2,347
  • Registration Deadline: First come first serve.

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your pitching velocity and overall performance. Space is limited, so secure your spot in our Winter Baseball Pitchers Velocity Class today! Reach out to the front desk for registration and inquiries. Get ready to take your pitching to the next level this winter!

Instructors: Mikey Nikorak, Andrew Camiolo, Andrew Case, & Ray DeLeon (Strength Coach).