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The Zoned Scholarship is a program put in place to assist college bound baseball and softball players. It was formed to help student athletes with college expenses: books, meal plans and room and board.

We encourage any seniors who plan to play baseball or softball in college to take a look at the Zoned Scholarship Application and apply.

Our deadline will be May 30th, so get them in as soon as possible!

Applications will be handled in the following manner:

  1. Initially, packets will be thoroughly reviewed by the "Screening Committee."
  2. Incomplete or late submissions will eliminate applicants from consideration 
  3. These complete packets will then be given to our "Evaluation Committee" that will narrow the field down to approximately 10-15 applicants.
  4. These packets will then be sent to all committee members for their personal review and evaluation. Each Committee Member will then select the applicants they feel should be finalists.