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The 50/70 “Majors Program” at Zoned Sports Academy is designed for the baseball player making the transition from the Little League field to the Big Field. While our foundation remains rooted in essential fundamentals, this baseball team training program is dedicated to refining the offensive and defensive facets of the game, including batting lessons, fielding lessons, and pitching lessons. Recognizing and addressing individual game flaws is crucial at this level, and our indoor baseball training sessions are strategically crafted to develop a personalized improvement plan.

This program acknowledges the challenges of transitioning to a larger field by immersing players in advanced drills and training methods. We aim to make this shift as smooth as possible, offering athletes a comprehensive experience, whether they enroll in lessons or take to the batting cages. Fundamental areas covered include:

  • Basic Throwing
  • Practicing Crow-Hops, Shuffling Techniques
  • Introduction to Quick-Hands
  • Fielding Progressions
  • Hitting Fundamentals, Including Situational Hitting
  • Focus on Balance, Load, Swing Path, and Generating Power
  • Bunting Strategies (Sac vs. Bunt For Hit)
  • Continued Emphasis on Base-Running
  • Exploring Advanced Pitching Mechanics, Including Grips and Different Pitches
  • Pick Off Moves and Quick-to-the-Plate techniques
  • Advanced Defensive Work for Infield and Outfield
  • Cuts/Relays, Double Play Turns from All Positions
  • Bunt Plays

Situational Play on Offense and Defense

Participants in this program will acquire a comprehensive understanding of the nuances involved in transitioning to the big field, covering base running, stealing, throw-downs from the catcher, leading, secondary leads, and ongoing skill development across all aspects of the game. The "50/70" Majors Program ensures your player is well-prepared for the challenges accompanying the move to the big field!

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