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Middle Infield Class

Middle Infield Class


The Middle Infield Class is the most advanced curriculum offered anywhere, and our success is unmatched!  Middle infielders with the highest expectations and goals cannot miss out on this eye-opening class.

Second basemen and shortstops that want to be efficient and quick, increase their range, get faster footwork, and have smooth hands with quick releases -- this Turn 2 class is for you!

You will get high energy and detailed progressions to take your game to the next level.  Our Turn 2 class will polish even the best of middle infielders.

With our 40 years of professional experience up the middle of the diamond, the players will learn:

  • Efficient ways to do Flips
  • Quicker Foot Speed
  • Diving Techniques
  • How to Increase Range
  • Multiple Arm Slots and Throwing Angles
  • Slow Rollers and Much More