Rookie Class


The Rookie Class at Zoned Sports Academy is designed for the beginner level baseball player usually ranging in ages from 6-8.

Our coaching staff will introduce basic fundamentals such as

  • Throwing (Mechanics, Grip, Footwork)
  • Fielding Ground Balls (Fielding Triangle, Footwork, Approach, Flips)
  • Catching Fly Balls (Drop Steps, Technique, Crow-hops)
  • Basic Pitching Mechanics
  • Base-running (Through 1st base, Base Hits, Rounding the bases)
  • Sliding
  • Hitting (Mechanics, Balance, Load, Finish, Swing Path)
  • Bunting
  • Situations (Introduction, Games, Tag Plays vs. Force Plays)
  • Mental Side (Confidence, Approach to Home Plate)

The players in class will be divided up by skill level so the development process doesn’t stop for any player in class. Class is designed to spend an equal amount of time on both hitting and defense, leaving a specified amount of time at the end for a game in the RED AREA. The game at the end of class is structured around SKILL DEVELOPMENT & will be stopped from time to time to explain a situation. The game also serves as a layout for the next week’s class. Throughout the game, situations arise and will give the coaches an opportunity to see what the class needs to work on moving forward.