The Minors Class at Zoned Sports Academy is an advanced Rookie Level program for players ages 8-10. Our coaching staff will continue to instill basic fundamentals at an advanced rate for these players at the Little League Level.

Things worked on in class will include

Throwing (Mechanics, Footwork)

  • Relays
  • Double Play Footwork

Advanced Pitching Mechanics

  • Grips
  • Wind-up, Stretch, Follow Through
  • Different Pitches (Change-up, 2-seam Fastball)

Catching Fly Balls

  • Drop Steps, Crow Hops, Hitting the Cutoff

Advanced Base-Running

  • Through 1st base, Doubles, Triples
  • Hard Turns, 1st to 3rd, Scoring from 2nd

More advanced in situations both on offense and defense

  • Difference between force plays and tag plays
  • Know what to do with the ball when it’s hit to you


The players in this class, just like the Rookie Program, will be divided up by skill level so each player can advance at their own rate. Class is designed to spend an equal amount of time on both hitting and defense, leaving a specified amount of time at the end for a game in the RED AREA. The game at the end of class is structured around SKILL DEVELOPMENT & will be stopped from time to time to explain a situation. We will enhance the Minors Class games so that situations will be gone over and they will be played competitively. We will challenge them, keep score, and begin to introduce the mental side of the game at a more advanced rate. Base running will be closely watched and we will hammer down the importance of running the bases correctly. The game also serves as a layout for the next week’s class. Throughout the game, situations arise and will give the coaches an opportunity to see what the class needs to work on moving forward.